When you think about the word Blaze, you think about a fast moving fire that brings with it destruction and mayhem. Back in 1975 when Bubba, first started racing, he quickly destroyed his competition much like that fast moving Blaze of fire. Bubba has been racing even before racing as a sport was developed. His first few races did not even have a starting gate. Determination was something Bubba had and it showed not only to the kids he was racing but also to bicycle companies. Bubba took this determination and turned it into an opportunity and when he was 12, he took off over the road with SE Bikes on the famous SE Camo Bus; being one of the first people in the country at this young age to do so. Just a year later, he was spreading his flames around the world eventually even traveling to places like Australia, New Zealand and even Japan. Yes, Bicycle Motocross Racing had taken off and had become a real sport and Bubba showed himself to be a true athlete in this sport. Bubba went on to be ranked as National Bicycle League’s national number 2, 4 and 7 and even ranked number 3 in the world. He also ranked in American Bicycle Association as the national number 10 and 15 rider Bubba now has a family and still competes but even his 5 children compete in the sport of BMX.